I am the broken
I had it buried
So deep I couldn't feel it
I said I was on the top
But I was on the bottom

I tried to keep up with the healthy
With their cheerful dispositions
With the sun in their eyes
They don't want to see the pain and suffering
So they put on their sunglasses and drive

I wanted to be one of them
Not the broken not the helpless
But it follows you where ever you go
Breaks you down lower than you ever thought you'd go

Girl bathing in the sink at the shopping mall
Boy with haunted eyes stoned on the sidewalk no one to call
Wounded man with his cardboard sign
Woman picking through the trash for anything she can find

Where there's a will let there be a way
Stand up reach up find the words to say
This is not how we are going down
Where there is loss love can be found

We are the broken
I still want to believe we have the power to rise above
Gather our strength until we're no longer
On the outside looking in

Forgive us we have sinned by thought word and deed
By the time we reach the temple we will all be on our knees
No easy answers, well I beg to disagree
Compassion and willingness to lend a hand are all we need

Come together people
Come together, come together people


from Spring 2017 Pre​-​Release EP, released June 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Courtney Yasmineh Minneapolis, Minnesota

Singer/songwriter, touring and recording artist, published author. In 2017 Courtney Yasmineh releases a seventh album of original indie rock/pop/folk and a first novel based on her own teen runaway experience. www.courtneyyasmineh.com for more info and tour dates. ... more

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