Wake Me Up When It's Over

by Courtney Yasmineh



released December 15, 2013


all rights reserved



Courtney Yasmineh Minneapolis, Minnesota

Singer/songwriter, touring and recording artist, published author. In 2019 Courtney Yasmineh releases her ninth studio album but her very first album of the cover songs that shaped her as an artist. Her second novel in the series based on her own teen runaway experience will also be announced. www.courtneyyasmineh.com for tour dates in the US and Europe. Website also has her popular daily blog. ... more

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Track Name: Ballad to my Other Self
Call and tell me all the things you've done since you went away
I'm afraid I'm being left behind, I can listen but I have so little to offer
I see a chasm widen between us makes me lonely to see you move on
It's the way of the world and maybe they're right when they say
You can never go home again
I was caught up in a different time, my heroes have all been picked apart
By people more savvy than me who say they know what it's all about
I want to break loose from this life and all the pain that comes with it
Makes me a puppet, makes me a pauper
Another gold miner for their love
Faces come, faces go, nothing matters but the songs we wrote
God give us the courage to get back out there and live a little more
I'll meet you in London
We'll go back to Paris
We both loved Amsterdam
and all I know is if you can step out into the world
it's all that matters, it's all that matters
I'll met you in London
We'll go back to Paris
We both loved Amsterdam
and all I know is if you can sing it with a guitar
it's all that matters if not to them then at least to me
Track Name: Apparition
You handed me a rope and a jar
I handed you a note in a bottle
We were not apart what we are now
I laid a hand on your heart
I felt the fire
You said it burned where I laid my hand
And since then we've never been apart
Lay me at your feet and when I die
I will be your apparition
A Valentine dream of our own delight
And we will never, we will never be apart
Cast out to follow some faint strain
while the wind whips us blind and
Four winds howl down from the treacherous skies
and we pray for an omen
Something that was promised still rings in our brains,
like the bells of the mission
We met the great owl's steely white gaze and refuse to look away and
an eagle watches us from a high place and we plead for a sign
I hold the rope
You hold the jar
We cast out to sea the note in a bottle
The dark night returns
All eyes emerge
We feel them watching
We feel them burn
And still we press on through the wind and the rain
for the promise we have heard
for the promise we have heard
And the bells ring out
Like a beacon of mercy
Nature is violent let love sustain us
Eyes wide open our hearts can't fail us
Ever reaching, ever seeking
Hands to the heavens, hands to the skies
Let Love Reign Down Upon Us

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